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Little Secret

Tittle : Little Secret (7/?) - Phone Call

Pairing : Kyuhyun/Sungmin (girl!Min)

Genre : Romance, High School Life

Rating : PG-13

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Little Secret

Tittle : Little Secret (6/?) - Pink Bunny

Pairing : Kyuhyun/Sungmin (girl!Min)

Genre : Romance, High School Life

Rating : PG-13

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Love is hurt, Oh Sehun (2/?)

Tittle : Love is hurt, Oh Sehun

Genre : Romance, slight!Angst

Pairing : Sehun-Sang Mi (you), Baekhyun-Sang Mi (you)

Rating : R

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Little Secret (5/?) - Lotte World

Pairing : KyuMin (girl!Min), YeWook (girl!Wook)
Rating  : PG-15
Genre  : Romance, Highschool Life
Warning : no-beta
Words  : 1.711 


“Hello ... Sungmin’s speaking.”

“Sungmin? It’s me … Kyuhyun.” The caller said. It took a moment for Sungmin to realize that Kyuhyun was calling her. Her hearts was starting to beat crazily and she started to panic.  

“K-Kyu .. hyun? H-hi, where did you know … my number?” She stuttered. “Sungmin, keep calm and take a breath.” She took a deep breath and tried to calm her nerves.

“Well …” Kyuhyun scratching the back of his head and tried to not sounded nervous. “I asked Ryeowook earlier, because I think it’ll be hard to us to meet if we’re going individually. So I wonder … how about we’re going together to Lotte World tomorrow?” As he blurted out his question, his face was turning into a red color and his heart was going to explode.

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Secret Behind The Council Room [5]

“The Festival will be held for 2 days. First day is for bazar and games and second day is for festival and bonfire and firework.” Kyuhyun explained.

SM High School will hold a School Festival which be hold every year to celebrate their school’s birthday. Kyuhyun, being a president one, was holding a meeting with a council member and representatives from each class to discuss about the issue.

“For the first day, each class must prepare a different event. So the visitors wouldn’t get bored. You can make a café, a photo studio, whatever. Made it as attractive as possible. And for the second day, we’ll open the gate later than the first day.” Kyuhyun then looked at Sungmin, who was sat beside him, for a while to discussed something before facing the others again.

“I think our meeting today is enough, I hope representatives for each class will start preparing the event from now. And for council members, you can start to preparing for festival, bonfire and firework. You can go back to your class now. Thank you.” Kyuhyun stood up from his chair and walked out from meeting room, followed by Sungmin.

When he got in his president’s room, he slumped his body to the sofa and loosen his tie. While Sungmin closed the door, she chuckled at his behavior. She put the document that she was brought for the meeting.

“Tired much, Mr. President?” She asked as she sat beside him. Kyuhyun put his hand around her waist and pulled her close. “Yes, this festival thing is really making me stress.” He heaved sigh and leaned his head to Sungmin’s shoulder.

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*words in maroon are flashbacks

Sungmin was preparing a breakfast that morning while Kyuhyun was took a bath. It had became a habit for her to came to Kyuhyun’s apartment in the morning or staying up because their activity on the previous night.

“Hmmm, smells nice.” Kyuhyun appeared from behind as he sneaked his arms to hug Sungmin’s waist and kissed her cheek.

“You’re done?” Sungmin asked as she lifted her head a little to see Kyuhyun’s face. Kyuhyun smiled and peck Sungmin’s lips. “Hurry finish the breakfast, I’m hungry already. Don’t make me wait or I’ll eat you as my breakfast.” He smirked.

Sungmin blushed and back to make breakfast, avoiding his gaze. “Pervert.” She mumbled.

They ate their breakfast while talking about their life when they were apart. How Sungmin’s school in New York, how she survived and spoke English, but when Kyuhyun told his story, Sungmin couldn’t held her tears and hugging him tightly. She felt so stupid because she left him and didn’t contact him. But Kyuhyun told her to not thinking about that again, because now they were together.


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Secret Behind The Council Room [4]

[Jealousy over her cousin]


Yunho smiled and spreaded his arms signaling Sungmin to hugged him, without thinking twice she ran and hugged him tightly. “I miss you so much, Yunho.” Sungmin said. Yunho hugged her back and caressed her hair, “I miss you too, Min.”


Kyuhyun’s POV

“Hyuk, where’s Sungmin?” Hyukjae was eating with Donghae when I approached their table and sat beside Donghae.

“Sungmin? She’s absent today, she said she had a family matter.” She said without looking at me as she feed Donghae with strawberry. “Family matter?” I asked confusedly.

“Yes.” Hyukjae turned her head and looked at me. “Why don’t you call her?” She asked.

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Author’s POV

“Min, are you done?” Kyuhyun asked, waiting her outside his bathroom. A minute later Sungmin opened the door with a wet hair and just wore white t-shirt. Kyuhyun blushed seeing Sungmin like that, he felt urge to pinned her down on his bed.

“I’m sorry for using your bathroom so long, you can use it now. I’ll wait outside.” Sungmin said. But when she wanted to walk outside, Kyuhyun held her wrist. “You’re not going to leave me again right?” Kyuhyun said with pleading eyes.

Sungmin stared at him and smiled weakly, “No, Kyu. I won’t leave you again.” She caressed his cheek and gave him a peck on his lips. “Now, go take a bath before you catch a cold. I’ll make some tea for us.”

Kyuhyun then let go of Sungmin’s wrist and went into the bathroom. Sungmin walked towards the kitchen and made two glass of tea. She walked to the living room while holding the glass, she put Kyuhyun’s glass on the table while she kept holding her glass. She waited for Kyuhyun while drinking her tea, warmed up her body.

What should I do now? Tell Kyuhyun that I’m sorry for being stubborn and not believing his word? Should I tell him that I really miss him and how much I love him?” Sungmin thought.
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Author’s POV

“Sungmin …”
“Sungmin …”
“Sungmin …”
“LEE SUNGMIN!”Jungmo shouted.
“Huh?” Sungmin said in dazed.
“Seriously, you’ve been spacing out for the past 10 minutes. What are you thinking huh?”Jungmo complained. “I’m sorry, Jungmo. I just …”            
“Just thinking about your boyfriend?” Jungmo cut off her words.
“W-w-what? N-no, I d-don’t have a boyfriend.” Sungmin stuttered. “I was just thinking about something else.” Sungmin said without looking at Jungmo.
“You’re bad at lying, Sungmin.” Jungmo let a deep sigh. “Let’s try “Masquerade” one more time and you can go home. Seems like your mind wasn’t here since the first time we practiced.”

Sungmin bit her lower lips and nodded. She felt embarrassed because Jungmo knew that she wasn’t focused to the practice. After they tried “Masquerade” for the last time, Sungmin put her guitar back to the case and bid goodbye to Jungmo. When she was walking to the SM Building exit door, someone called her.

“Sungmin …”

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